You’re not far, part 5: Leading strong in troubled Times

Fear invites us to follow the path of self-preservation. However, if we follow that path long enough, we will neither preserve nor have anything to show for our lives. The original disciples of Jesus had the same tendencies at times. On one occasion, Jesus reminded them of what it means to follow him by saying four powerful words that still apply to his followers today.

Your're not far part 1: Write this down

Andy Stanley – “We often read the Bible for application, inspiration, or direction. However, there are times when the author wants to simply point the reader to a big idea—an idea that fits with God’s grand story. In the Gospel of Mark, we read about Peter’s experience with Jesus that led Peter to believe in one big idea: the kingdom of God is near, and everyone is invited to participate.”

Getting Out

This week, as we take a look at Exodus, we see the Israelite’s getting out of bondage. This reveals three key analogous interactions with God as revealed by Christianity.

  • What are we getting out of?
  • How are we getting out of it?
  • Why are we getting out of it?

Tim Keller draws connections between the old and the new testament.

Led By Him

In Psalm 23 we read how Davids leans into God for steadiness in joy and sorrow.

As a community we are going through many struggles. Together we pray and lift each up to focus on the guidance and peace God gives.