The God of Jesus 

This week’s message from the series “Who Needs God?” Out of Northpoint Church in Atlanta. Here’s the link:

The God of Jesus

Here are some of the notes:

For those who have stepped away from your childhood faith: you are being invited to step back and explore again the claims of Christ.

There were no Jesus followers when Christ was crucified. But when the resurrection happened, a great many began to follow.

Isaiah 53 was a direct prophetic reference to Jesus and the Christians had the audacity to take the Jewish scriptures and combine them with the historical records of the New Testament

So if you walked away from faith because of something that you found in the Bible that you couldn’t reconcile with science or something else, you probably left your faith for the wrong reason.

We take the OT seriously because Jesus did!

Christianity does not rise and fall on the viability of the OT scriptures.

People followed Jesus after the resurrection because of the resurrection 

If Christianity was as fragile as all that it would never have survived the first century

Just as what Jesus said about Himself was trustworthy and reliable, so too was what He said about God.

John who was there when Jesus said, “If you want to know what God says, listen to me. If you want to know what God does, watch me.” John 14:7-10 paraphrased

What did Jesus say about God?

God is Spirit

See the woman at the well

You could say the first cause was supranatural.

God is Father

Jesus taught, “When you pray, say Father…”

This is the best relational picture that exists.

God is Love    1 John 4:16

God for other people reflected the nature of God

Shade requires the sun. You can have sun without shade. You cannot have evil without good, but you can have good without evil.

Love must necessarily pre-exist unlove

Whenever you do and seek good and justice you declare the glory of God

Love pre-existed everything less than God

Why do you know there is evil in the world?

How do you know what you ought to do?

Why do we excise it with, “Nobody’s perfect.”






Pray to the Father when you go to bed tonight. 

Read the book of John this week – what do you learn about the Father from the Son?

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